Dawn Jeffs

Dawn Jeffs

Chiropratic Assistant/Massage Therapist

Dawn spent her childhood in small village in the Highlands of Scotland and developed a great love of the outdoors and well being. She has always been fascinated with the body, its ability to adapt to changing environments and injury, along with the amazing fact that the body can heal itself with the right care, nutrition and lifestyle.

Dawn began her learning about the body when she was 15, although this became a struggle with the lack of facilities in the Highlands, so she paused her training. It wasn’t until she return from travelling the world in 2007 that she began her studies again, gaining qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Gym Instruction and Swedish Massage. Dawn progressed to gain her Advanced Personal Training Qualification in 2009 along with Nutritional training for weight loss and muscle gain, before going on to obtain her Remedial Massage Diploma in Australia in 2016.  

Dawn started with the Bonfire family in August 2016 and is committed to the ethos and direction the company has. Dawn is qualified to offer Remedial Massage, Swedish, Relaxation, Sports Specific along with Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. She is always looking to develop her knowledge and takes additional courses to cover specific areas of massage.

Dawn is committed to enabling clients to live as full a life as possible and to remain active while helping with relaxation and pain management.

She will continue her studies within massage therapy along with completing her Yoga Teacher Training this year. Dawn lives an active lifestyle with cycling most days, yoga, running, weights along with following the Whole30 nutrition plan.