Dr Aaron Tselepy

Yoga Teacher

Aaron’s love of physiology, endocrinology, neurology, epidemiology, ‘spinology’ , and now ‘Yogology’ flow through his inspiring teaching.

Aaron’s Chiropractic journey started back as a 13-year-old boy under the incredible care of Dr Alistair Baxter in Mackay.

A love for the effects and outcomes of regular Chiropractic care led to an inspired decision that this was to be his life’s purpose.

A loving and healing journey based on the the universal truth that the “Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body!”

The powerful journey of Chiropractic led him serendipitously to discover Yoga. After a lifetime of martial arts and rugby, Aaron’s body was in severe need of renewal, healing, lengthening and not just strengthening.

Finding Bikram Yoga changed his life. From the inside out! From Above, Down, Inside Out!!!

Renewed Spine, renewed knees, renewed energy, renewed peace, renewed mind…..need I say more!

Aaron now get’s to practice and teach yoga the world over. A disciplined student of the science, the art and the philosophy of this age-old practice, he continues to practice what he preaches.