Sharon Pyle

Sharon Pyle

Yoga Instructor

After joining the Bonfire Team in 2012 and enjoying the many benefits of a regular practice, Sharon wanted to help everyone feel the amazing benefits that she experienced. With great teachers to guide her, she undertook teacher training for both our hot class and Vinyasa classes. Continuing this training process with many teachers, both local and interstate, Sharon’s practice and passion continues to evolve. We never really stop learning, do we?

In her Vinyasa class, expect to be nurtured while still working hard without realizing. Sharon has had yogis leave the room saying, “How did you do that? I feel so relaxed right now, but I know I worked hard. Thank you!”

Another passion Sharon has is for creating and sharing healthy treats, with random samples of a few favourites in the studio after class from time to time. She just loves sharing the goodness from her heart.

Sharon is grateful for the many teachers who continue to guide her on my yoga journey, connecting, mind and body together with breath as we move. Perfect recipe! Join her <3