Meet some of our success stories

Over the years, we have helped lots of people to thrive. From regaining their health after an accident, or simply achieving their best health yet, read stories from some of our members below.

Two years ago I was motor cross racing competitively and had quite a serious accident, smashing my legs and ankles which had to then be reconstructed. I was wheelchair bound for nine weeks and was told I should concentrate on walking. Bonfire Hot Yoga has helped me with my rehabilitation. I’m now back running, racing and enjoying a variety of sports. I would definitely recommend Bonfire Hot Yoga as part of a rehabilitation.


Jimmy’s Story

I’ve made lots of friends since coming to Bonfire Hot Yoga. My husband and children practice as well. We use the class as a thermometer to gauge how stressed, tired or drained we’ve been and a release from those negative emotions, improving our sleep patterns and working as a stress release.


Renata’s Story

Bonfire Yoga has helped me in my work by allowing me to think clearer, have more self confidence and an added strength for the physical parts of my job. Emotionally and mentally I think clearer – during yoga and after yoga I feel amazing.

I have completed several 30 day challenges and attended Bonfire Yoga retreats and as a result have seen my practice rocket. I love the friendly, homely atmosphere, the teachers, instructors and chiropractors who are all so caring and knowledgeable.


Sharon’s Story

I didn’t think I could ever do anything like this at 50 years old. I hadn’t exercised for 10 years when a friend asked me to try Hot Yoga with her. Everyone at Bonfire Yoga was so welcoming and encouraging. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how quickly I felt the benefits. I usually arrive tired, but as soon as class starts that all changes. I now practice regularly and find I am less stressed, have more energy and best of all, two of my sons have now started practicing with me.


Robyn’s Story