Does this sound like you?


You’re on the path to success with your weight loss. You’re feeling fit, fast and fabulous from all the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months.


You think to yourself “I’ve got this. I’m in a good headspace this year. When Winter comes, nothing will change”.


Don’t worry; we’ve all thought it.


Day 1 of Winter hits…


It’s the first day of winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. You hesitantly pull yourself out of bed to exercise. It’s hard work, but you push through.


“Well done me”, you think to yourself.


The week’s progress – the days get shorter and the nights’ get colder. You’re becoming less and less motivated to exercise and (unfortunately) the only thing you feel like eating is chocolate (not the healthy kind) and stodgy foods (maybe even some takeaway). You may have even connected with your TV and couch on a deep, spiritual level…


Day 1 of Spring hits…


It’s time to stand on the scales. You’ve been cunningly avoiding them for most of winter. Through squinted eyes you peek between your feet. Uh oh! There’s about 5kgs that weren’t there before. For a moment you blame the “faulty” scales, until you think back on the winter that passed.


It wasn’t at all like you were planning for it to be.


We get it though. Winter’s hard! We’ve all been there. As if staying on track wasn’t hard enough without winter getting in the way and adding to the yo-yo weight effect!


Here’s what you do to avoid the winter weight


Become a Winter Weight Warrior. Not sure what that is? Here’s a definition for you:



Noun (English)

A kick-ass warrior who has the power, knowledge and ability to keep pesky kilograms off during winter.


Becoming a Winter Weight Warrior is by no means easy, but it’s totally worth it!


Here’s how it’s done. Follow these 10 simple steps through the winter to be greeted by Spring as a Winter Weight Warrior!


  1. Sunshine – even though it’s not always around, when you see the sun come out to play it’s time to go out and enjoy it. Even 10 minutes of those magnificent rays can make a world of difference. It will energise you, rejuvenate your mood and ensure that you don’t lack Vitamin D over the winter period.


  1. Maintain a consistent exercise routine – we know it’s tough, but if you can maintain your consistent exercise routine you’ll not only avoid the winter weight, but you’ll also remain pumped and energetic through the cold. If you begin to struggle with your routine, seek alternatives! DON’T STOP EXERCISING! You could try ramping up your number of hot yoga classes or try a new class at the gym. There are always options!


  1. Refresh the beats – it’s amazing what some sweet, sweet tunes can do for your mood! Refresh the beats on your phone for everything; the car, work AND exercise. New tunes are exciting and can be a simple trick to keep you energised and motivated through your workout and through the day!


  1. Motivation – immerse yourself in the world of “motivation”. Have a spare wall in your house? Perfect! Pin-up some motivational pics and quotes. Even go as far as changing the background on your phone and computer to something that will remind you to stay on track. Know what else we love? Post-it notes! They’re great personalised reminders and motivators. Here’s our 9 favourite motivational quotes {FREE FOR YOU!}


  1. Eliminate temptations – clean out the fridge and the pantry and only have the BEST sorts of foods at the ready.


  1. Prepare – Got a spare hour or so? Why not whip up a big batch of soup to freeze and have ready for those emergency cold winter nights? (Slow cookers are our best friends in winter!)


  1. Cut yourself some slack – if you fall off the band-wagon, jump right back on and don’t look back! (Then do an extra yoga class!)


  1. If you’re desperate to indulge, limit it to once per week (and maybe even look forward to it!)


  1. Don’t do it alone – band together a group of Winter Weight Warriors to succeed. Friends, family and partners are one of the best ways to keep you (and them) on track. Exercise together, exchange recipes and generally give each other guidance and support.


  1. It’s all about YOU! – remember, your weight is in your hands. Be organised, be motivated and see winter as an awesome challenge to conquer.


There you have it. You now have the tools to become a Winter Weight Warrior – do you accept the challenge?

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