5 steps to a healthy summer mindset!




And we think that’s fabulous!


But you know what happens most summers?


We get here and think “uh oh”.


Why “uh oh”?


Because we weren’t prepared for it!


Our bodies don’t feel at their best, we’re feeling the end of year stresses, we’re entering the craziest and most exhausting time of year… and we’re not in the right mindset to change any of it!


But don’t fret. It’s only the second day of summer! There’s still time to put yourself in a healthy summer mindset that will see you feeling fabulous through these exciting months!


Here’s our 5 steps to a healthy summer mindset:


  1. Take a step back


As clichéd as that sounds, taking a step back both physically and mentally can be the best first step to a healthy mindset. Everyday we’re thinking, planning, moving. By taking a step back and slowing down, we gain perspective of what we’re doing and where we’re going.



  1. Eliminate the rubbish!


We mean rubbish in every sense of the word. Any rubbish food that’s found its’ way back into your pantry, the rubbish and negative thoughts that keep popping up about yourself, the rubbish energy and negative people you may have in your life and even perhaps the literal rubbish. GET RID OF IT!



  1. Make time for yourself


Again, you’ve probably heard this one before. BUT IT’S TRUE! We’re always stimulated by the actions and patterns around us. Take some time for yourself. Bond with yourself over coffee, yoga, meditation or long walks on the beach. Whatever way you choose – make it something that makes you feel happy and good about yourself. Something that gives you the most clarity.



  1. Squeeze in some Summer FUN!


Is summer a busy time of year? YES

Is summer a fun time of year? ABSOLUTELY

Don’t forget during all the chaos of the holiday season to spend some time having FUN! Whether that’s shopping, walking, go-karting, swimming, catching up with friends or whatever else! You will undoubtedly feel strong, positive, happy and wanting more!

Not sure what to do for fun? Maybe Google it?


  1. Be a little selfish


It’s important to have a balance – being selfless and being selfish. Give yourself permission to do what’s right for you every now and then. If your family and friends see you happy, positive and smiling – then they’ll feel the same!


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