5 steps to discover your life's ambition

What does ambition mean to you?


It’s curious how people perceive a word. Some people perceive ambition as their drive – how determined they are to achieve tasks and goals. Others look at the bigger picture, as in how they’ve succeeded and where they’re going with their career and life. Well, here’s the “official” definition just for you…


Ambition |amˈbɪʃ(ə)n|


a strong desire to do or achieve something: her ambition was to become a model | he achieved his ambition of making a fortune.


Put simply, ambition is EVERYTHING! How inspired you are to create and pursue your dream life, finding your dream job and career path and really just making the most out of the time you have on this earth!


So, what’s your ambition?

It’s hard to be put on the spot and just instantly know what your ambition in life is. It’s not the simplest of questions, but discovering what that is can change your world! It’s fine to have absolutely no idea and it’s fine to know exactly what your life’s purpose is! If you’re confused or uncertain about your ambition, we’ve prepared five steps to help you discover it:


  1. Start with the little things

It’s important to recognise that we all have ambition; even in the little things we do every day. If we had no ambition at all, we wouldn’t be living!


  1. Brainstorm

When you’re trying to discover your ambition in life, sometimes you need to take a step back, daydream and brainstorm! Write questions down like “What is the true purpose of my life” and scribble anything and everything that comes to mind! Think about what you value most and what you absolutely LOVE to do!


  1. Summarise, analyse and revise

Once you’ve brainstormed, it’s time to analyse what you’ve done. Take out the main points and expand on them. For example, one of your purposes might be to “help others”. Expand on what that means to you and specifically how you are going to help them, for example ‘help others overcome their fears’.


  1. Plan and inspire!

It’s now time to put your life purposes and goals into a sequential order! Plan, plan, plan! Make them actionable. If you want to help others overcome their fears, how are you going to achieve that? Make your steps specific and get excited! You’re igniting your ambition, you should begin feeling excited and motivated to put your steps into action!


  1. Live it!

You’ve got the steps, now you just need to put them into action. Don’t lose your newfound ambition. Remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve them every day and continue to grow as you succeed in your life’s purpose!





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