5 ways to relax in Bonfire Hot Yoga classes

1. Understand Bonfire Hot Yoga works by using stretching, balancing and creating pressure all at the same time. It creates pressure by cutting off blood supply to some arteries and veins, then having the blood rush through them upon release. This creates a desired effect of flushing them out. Pressure is applied to the heart by its connectivity to all of the body. As you may predict, learning how to relax within he Bonfire yoga class is crucial to your enjoyment and focus within. Start with your mind. True relaxation comes when your mind is at peace. Find a soothing focus for your mind. As your poses become second nature, focus on yourself, your peace.

2. Know that the second step in relaxation is breathing. For many steps, an 80/20 breathing method is best for optimal effect and relaxation. This means, that you first take in a full breath. When your body is in the pose, et out twenty percent of the air through your nose with the mouth completely closed.

3. Exhalation breathing is another method of relaxation breathing during practice. For this, take in a full breath, then exhale the breath completely as soon as you are properly in your pose. Never strain your lungs. Simply take in another breath as needed, and continue the method without stressing yourself out about perfection. Soon, with practice, these can and will become second nature.

4. Breathing can help with immediate relaxation in this yoga form, but, with regular practice, all of these things combines can make for deeper relaxation in your life. Bonfire yoga classes, when done consistently, regulates and improves the nervous and endocrine system, two of the most important figures in emotional well-being.

5. Repetition is the most important step to relaxation in any kind of yoga, particularly Hot Yoga at Bonfire. This type focuses your mental facilities on the ideals of faith, self-control, determination, patience and concentration. All of these working together can bring a much greater awareness to our life, which leads to choices for true peace of mind.

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