A Foolproof Method To Delicious Green Smoothies

When you first start experimenting with making your own green smoothies it can be rather daunting. So when we found out about this simple way to balance out tastes in green smoothies (and any other meal really), we knew we simply had to share it.

We originally heard of this neat little acronym through Realistically Raw You.

It’s a simple acronym, called FASS. It’s easy to remember and it seems to cover all of the flavours that combine in a smoothie to make it oh so delicious.

FASS stands for: Fat, Acid, Salt, Sweet. 

It doesn’t take much practice to be able to identify the fatty/creamy, acid, salt and sweet of something you put in your mouth. Once you can identify these things, all you have to do is think about which one of these elements needs increasing.


Our favourite products are – Organic Full Cream MilkOrganic Almond Milk, or Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. These are the obvious ones that tend to work the best. My favourite is the coconut oil or coconut milk.



A squeeze of organic lemon or lime usually does the trick for me! Citrus fruits are essential here.



Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt, or any other kind of natural, unprocessed and unbleached salts are actually great for you! They provide lists of trace minerals that a lot of people don’t have enough of in their diet. Beware of table salt!



My favourites are organic honey and coconut palm nectar. Avoid cane sugar or artificial syrups – they tend to contain nasties such as high fructose corn syrup. Another option is molasses, if you get the really dark, good quality molasses it has nutritional benefits too!


Do you have a green smoothie method of your own? Let us know!

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