All about PALEO!


The Paleo Diet. One of the biggest trends currently in health; with celebrities, restaurants and a growing portion of the population following the principles of the Paleo Diet.

Let’s start with what the Paleo Diet actually is! It’s quite simple really, it’s based around what ‘the caveman’ used to eat during the Paleolithic period of time. They would nourish their bodies with vegetables (non-starchy), fruit, nuts, roots and meat, which varied depending on season and availability. These days it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have some form of processed food in their diet, regardless of the quantity! The Paleo Diet intends to eliminate processed foods, refined sugars and to an extent dairy products from your everyday diet.

With any diet comes speculation and highly opinionated reviews. There seem to be heavily mixed feelings regarding The Paleo Diet. Want to know what we think? We love the foundations of the Paleo Diet! But remember that you should be eating based on YOU! The Paleo Diet doesn’t work for everyone. We know our own bodies better than anyone’s, which is why we should explore options such as the Paleo Diet but remember that maintaining an overall healthy diet is the priority.

Here’s your quick start guide to all things Paleo:

What to eat:
– Grass fed meat
– Pasture raised poultry and eggs
– Fish and seafood
– Vegetables
– Fruit
– Berries
– Nuts and seeds
– Grass fed butter
– Ghee
– Coconut oil
– Olive oil
– Macadamia oil
– Coconut water
– Unsweetened tea
– Fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha

What to eat in small amounts:
– Natural sweeteners e.g honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup and dried fruit
– Some dairy products e.g butter, full fat cream, some hard cheese such as Parmesan, some goat’s milk cheese, natural unsweetened yogurt

What not to eat:
– Grains and grain-based products
– Legumes
– Most dairy
– Processed sugar
– Processed and seed oils
– Products containing canola, soybean, corn, vegetable, sunflower, grapeseed
– Condiments containing gluten, processed sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours
– Sugar loaded soda, energy and sports drinks

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