Combating self consciousness & conquering body confidence



When your body confidence sinks, here’s what you do.


We’ve all had days where we’ve looked at ourselves in the mirror and not been overly thrilled at what we see. Our butts aren’t as perky as they used to be, there’s a few extra rolls that have crept around the waistline and we’re just too familiar with what our bodies look like.


Remain calm.


Our brains are notorious for overthinking and focusing on the negatives instead of promoting the positives.


This is when we need a boost of confidence.


It’s easier than you think, and can do you the world of good!


So, next time you’re feeling low, read below!


  1. Let’s start with the what you’re eating

Has your diet changed recently? Have artificial sugars and excess carbs snuck in? Are you on a cleanse or detox plan? All of these can play a part in our emotional rollercoasters. Ensure that you’re eating as much good quality, fresh ingredients as you can. This will not only help stabalise energy levels, but will also leave you feeling healthy, fabulous and confident!


  1. Are you moving?

Exercise, whilst is can sometimes seem like a chore, it’s directly linked to both your mood and your confidence. If you are a regular exerciser and miss a workout, this can change your WHOLE day (and not in a good way). Learn to let go and move on (or squeeze in quick workout). If you’re not a regular exerciser, you might see the benefits of a daily walk and some fresh air; a fantastic way to clear the mind and release tension.


  1. The secret of Hot Yoga

It’s strange to think that sweating out 27 postures in a 37 degree room for 90 minutes whilst facing yourself in the mirror can be good for confidence, but it is. Hot Yoga brings calm to your world. Whilst coming face to face with yourself can be confronting, overcoming this can be so rewarding.


  1. What’s that on your body?

Wear something that makes you feel fabulous! Maybe a favourite top, something to cover the areas you’re feeling sensitive about or a fantastic pair of shoes! Maybe you sport a new hairdo or add some funky accessories. Do something that will make you feel that little bit better about yourself.


  1. Stand tall, stand proud

Take note of your posture. Good posture can do WONDERS for your confidence. Hold your head high and move with confidence. Be open and proud – you’ll radiate confidence!


  1. Reminisce on the good times

Think for a moment about a time when you felt absolutely amazing. Maybe it was a special day, you nailed a job interview, you helped a stranger or you were complimented on your outfit. This can immediately uplift your spirits!


  1. Pump up the jams

When in doubt, blast your favourite tune, let loose, sing and dance a little. That funky music to your ears can boost your mood and dull the internal dialogue that’s effecting your body confidence.

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