Corporate Wellness


Looking at how you can foster and improve your employees productivity in 2017?

Healthy + happy = productive.

Every company should adopt and implement this formula to achieve the best results for their company and for their staff. Corporate Wellness is all about creating and implementing an overall healthy lifestyle program for employees. There’s a shift happening in workplaces everywhere, where wellness is blossoming. Monday Morning quotes, Cold Brew Coffee, education and fitness sessions and things that just make staff feel happy and appreciated.

Staff want to perform well AND feel well. It’s time to embrace the culture of health in the workplace, and implement a corporate wellness program!


Because we want happy, productive workers!

There’s nothing worse than working with cranky co-workers, and sugary, “quick” foods are the perfect way to put you in a mood. Providing staff with healthy choices is the way to go. The nutritious foods that they consume will give them an energy boost and help them to stay engaged ALL DAY!

Because we want to avoid brain fog!

Focus in the workplace is key. We want to avoid brain fog in the workplace, so enabling staff to incorporate a daily fitness routine and eliminating bad foods will see a difference in your work place. This could be through discounted gym and fitness studio memberships or at work facilities and exercise classes.

Because we want positive vibes in the workplace!

When people feel good, this radiates and spreads like wild fire! The positive vibes are contagious. When people are active, they’re productive and they produce feel-good hormones that can make them happier and give them increased energy.

Because we want workers energised, not tired!

Tiredness doesn’t just result from a lack of sleep – there’s poor nutrition, being overworked, smoking, happy hour, binge watching – you name it! This can lead to your immunity taking a hit and getting sick, either mentally or physically. The preventative care that can support staff in their health.

Because we want workers connected, not disconnected!

Let staff have their “me” time. Away from the office, away from their emails, away from their day-to-day tasks. Encourage healthy lunch breaks where they can also fit in a quick gym session to refresh and clear the mind, and refocus on the job at hand!


Corporate wellness can make a SERIOUS different to your workplace. Creating an effective program that employees can adopt quickly and carry out seamlessly will improve the mental, physical and social well-being of the company.


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