How HOT YOGA makes you a better LOVER


Hot yoga is taking the world by storm, not just for it’s ability to change your physical body quickly but also by the way it creates change in your biochemistry, your heart and your mind. But is it all just hype? We don’t think so!

Most obviously, hot yoga changes the shape of your body quickly by toning muscles, creating flexibility and normalizing metabolic processes. You begin to crave less sugar and more micro-nutrients (the good stuff in fruit, veg, nuts, seeds etc.). As a result, you begin to look hotter and feel amazing and sexy in your new body. This alone will make you a better lover for sure BUT there’s much, much more to the story…

Some hot yoga poses actually stimulate and nourish the reproductive organs such as Garudasana (Eagle Pose) for example. As you’re bending low and squeezing together the hands, arms and legs, you’re also collecting blood in the lower pelvis. When you release from the pose, you get a burst of oxygenated blood through those powerful areas. This encourages healing and stimulates healthy levels of sex hormones.

The pelvic floor muscles become much stronger as you hold postures in the 26 and 2, Bonfire series. A strong pelvic floor is essential in both men and women for a healthy sex life. Impotence is an often overlooked result of poor pelvic floor tone in men and failure to reach climax in women.

Hot Yoga detoxifies your body. An unhealthy, toxic body naturally does not want to reproduce and as a result, the sex drive is reduced. Detoxification not only means happier, high-energy cells but you’ll also feel so much more enthusiastic in the bedroom.

The impact that Hot Yoga has on the mind cannot be overlooked when considering intimacy and sexuality. If you can cope with the harsh conditions you put yourself through in the hot room, you’ll easily tolerate the ‘little things’ such as when he leaves the toilet seat up or she forgets where she put her keys. A calm, relaxed mind can focus far better on what’s really important, like truly being there for your lover. Your mind is less likely to wander off and more likely to stay ‘in the moment’. It also allows for a better body awareness – all-important for the ultimate intimate experience.

Many of the postures encourage normal hormonal function. Most of us know very well what out of balance hormones can do and how ‘unsexy’ they can be! Be sure to work hard in each of the poses as our teachers instruct to boost those hormones back into balance and back into action.

Probably most importantly is what we see in the mirror. As we learn to love ‘what is’, including our perfect selves, our self-esteem rises. Low self-esteem is often the biggest obstacle to feeling really sexy. Bikram himself says, “For some, the darkest place in the world is under the brightest lamp.” And as our own Dr A adds, “There’s no rejection in the reflection.” When you can get to that point, your ability to give to and receive from your lover becomes boundless.

Since opening, the testimonials of living better and loving better abound! What better gift could you get for your lover this Valentine’s Day than a happier, healthier, sexier version you!

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