How to become the happiest version of yourself, every single morning



Article by Brock Cannon, Mind Body Green

My mother is the biggest morning person I know, and I think I’ve somehow inherited a bit of it from her.

Over the years, I’ve trained myself to become a morning person who wakes up early with passion. And even if you’re someone who growls the moment your alarm goes off, you can train yourself to do the same. But how do you find passion for getting up when you aren’t rising to go on an adventure or take that long-awaited vacation? Here are a few tips that have proven helpful for me:

1. It starts with sleep.

There’s no hack to this. We all need sleep. The body needs time to regenerate, and allowing ourselves a good night’s sleep is the only way we can rise with passion and excitement for the day ahead. Get to sleep 30 minutes earlier and start to step away from your electronic devices. As Arianna Huffington’s most recent book, The Sleep Revolution, proves: Bad sleep equals a bad morning. There’s just no getting around it.

2. Say thank you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer starred in a movie called The Shift, in which he played himself. One of the scenes in the movie shows Dr. Dyer getting up at the crack of dawn to write. The second that his feet hit the floor, he says out loud, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It made an impression on me, and it’s something that I try to do every morning too. Gratitude is powerful. Whether you adopt a ritual of writing down 25 things you’re grateful for upon waking, or if you simply say thank you for the chance to be alive, it will surely put a spring in your step.

3. Hydrate.

Simple yet effective. Want to feel a rush of energy? Immediately after emptying your bladder from the night, go to the kitchen and hydrate. Put down at least 20 ounces of water, followed by another 20 ounces within the next 45 minutes. (I’ll mix this up with greens, lemon, or a splash of apple cider vinegar from time to time.) Whatever you do, just get water in your system before you start caffeinating. You’ll feel clean inside, think more clearly, and emerge ready to tackle any morning.

Start with even one of these tips for a more passionate morning. In no time, you’ll be the smiling morning person everyone else is rolling their eyes at. Happy mornings!

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