How to Gain Strength doing Bonfire Hot Yoga


Pay attention

Doing the poses in their proper sequence is important to gaining strength. The teacher will tell you how to correctly perform the poses and transition from one to the next without risking injury. Maintaining the required flow keeps the muscles contracted, which builds them up.

Drink enough water

If your muscles are poorly hydrated, it’s harder to do the poses, and thus less likely that you’re strengthening those muscles. One sure sign of dehydration during a Bonfire yoga class in light-headedness. Nausea is also a common reaction.

Focus on form

Getting deeper into the poses increases the stretching of the muscle, which builds strength. However, incorrectly performing poses will not build strength, and can cause injury. The mirrors in the room are there so students can check their form, so use them. If possible, practice the difficult poses outside of class to master them and make their form easier to perfect. Some instructors give private lessons to people who need extra help mastering yoga poses.

Don’t eat anything for two to three hours before class starts

The heat in the room and the intense movement from pose to pose do not mesh well with a full stomach. Healthy and nutritious smoothies are always available after class. Smoothies contribute towards your nutritional needs. Feeding the body health foods is critical, since gaining muscle depends on a proper diet.

Give one hundred percent

Just like any sport, the more that’s put into performing your yoga, the more the results will show.

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