How to get a good night's sleep, when it's so bloody hot!


Aussie’s everywhere are feeling the heat! We’re only half way through Summer, and there’s no sign of it cooling down.

For those lucky enough to have airconditioning, sleeping is a breeze! But if you’re stuck with the task of trying to sleep without it, here’s some tips to help you get to sleep!

  1. Get rid of any covers around the torso or covering the feet – you want as much skin exposure as possible!
  2. Wet a gym towel so it is lightly damp and pop it over you
  3. Fill a hot water bottle and pop it in the freezer!
  4. Be clever with your fan – if you have a moveable fan, face it toward the window to push out hot air
  5. Disconnect electronics in the bedroom
  6. Have a cool shower before bed, and avoid doing anything too strenuous or active
  7. Jump in to the Hot Yoga room regularly to train your body to better deal with the heat!

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