How to plan a sabbatical that will change your life

Life can get overwhelming for all of us.

While a weekend getaway or week-long vacation can sometimes be just what we need to rest and recharge, there are times when it’s not enough. Sometimes you need a complete reboot — a break from your career for a few months or a couple years. This article will provide tips for how to plan a sabbatical that clears your head, renews your energy, and gives you a whole new perspective on life.

Decide What to Do and Where to Go

The first thing you want to do is decide what you will do on your extended career break. This doesn’t mean you have to devise a detailed plan of your daily activities for the next year. You just want to make sure you are productive on your sabbatical. Will you leave the country or stay local? Will you pursue a passion you’ve always wanted to pursue, or will you try a bunch of things out until you find your one true passion? Do you want to start a family, go back to school, or lay the foundation to build a new career?

Figure Out Your Finances

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, you can start planning how you will pay for it. Your financial situation will play a major role in whether you decide to stay home, travel, or relocate for your sabbatical. First of all, get a grasp on how much you will need for everyday life while you’re away from work. Some people use years of savings to supplement their income, while others simplify their lifestyle to fit their budget. Even if you don’t have a lot of savings, it’s best to at least have an emergency fund set aside.

Next, consider what you want to do during your break and research resources that can assist you financially. For instance, there may be grants, scholarships, and other financial aid options available if you’re going back to school. If you’re pursuing a creative passion, look for artist residencies, and if you’re starting a new business, look into small business grants.

Consider Renting Out Your Home

If you’re planning to leave town for your sabbatical, you could consider renting out your home while you’re gone. That way, you’ll bring in some income and your home will be waiting for you upon your return. If you decide to go that route, it’s important to properly prepare for the process. For example, make sure the home is clean, that all the appliances work safely, and that the entry to the home is secure. Also, take time to choose the right price; you want to offer a competitive price while also making sure your expenses are taken care of. Look at online guides for more information on how to best rent out your property and choose renters.

Give Your Work Notice

Along with knowing what, where, and how you will take your sabbatical, it’s essential that you have a good exit strategy. For starters, make sure you give plenty of notice to your boss and co-workers, and offer to help them come up with ways your role can be covered during your absence. If you and your boss cannot work something out and you decide to quit, do it in a graceful and professional manner so as not to burn bridges.

Taking a sabbatical can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, change your perspective, and even save your career. If it sounds like something you need or want to do, remember to carefully decide where you will go and what you will do on your extended break. Also, sort out how you will pay for it and be sure to give your boss a proper notice. Sabbaticals are gaining popularity for a reason, so it may be time for you to seriously consider it.

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