Bonfire Bellydance Classes with Corrosie Every Monday 4:00pm – 5:00pm at Jindalee

Ever want to explore the mysterious moves of middle eastern dancers or felt drawn to the rhythm of the tabla drum? You’re not alone, bellydancing is one of the oldest forms of celebration, as well as exercise, and creates a wonderful energy that enlightens body, mind and soul.
Corrosie’s classes will guide you through the global entrancement of bellydancing sharing her 18 years of knowledge and training from many instructors and tutors specialising in various forms and styles of bellydance.
Her love of oriental dance began in Cairns 1999 after moving there for work and finding herself so far away from friends and family, she was then taken under wing by her first instructor and the sisterhood of dancers became her family. Bellydancing through 2 pregnancies (and the labours), Corrosie developed a gentle program for expectant mothers and babes in arms class, encouraging the bond between parent and infant. Corrosie decided to close her bellydance school Arabian Nights Belly Dance in Rockhampton and Yeppoon after 11 years, she then moved to Brisbane with her family in hopes to further her dance career, attend workshops and fulfill accreditations that she is working towards.
From the bellydance basics to isolating intermediate moves, traditional techniques to fabulous fusion, Corrosie has many wonders to share with you as you learn about the cultural appreciation and integration of bellydance into your fitness regime.
Please wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a water bottle, I prefer to be barefoot and connect with the earth where I can, but soft shoes such as Jiffies are acceptable. There is no requirement for you to be out of your comfort zone and you do not have to bare your belly.
Belly Dance encourages and develops strength, initiative, creativity and confidence. It is both stimulating, relaxing and addictive.

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