Core foundations

With a focus on abdominal muscles, glutes and hips, this session off-sets modern day lifestyle and prepares your body to move better in every way including helping you improve posture, strengthen core stability, increase joint mobility and energise the body.

Core foundations is inspired by movements from  Pilates, martial arts, yoga, tai chi, and allied health physicians.

You will begin the class with the Mind centering base of Tai Chi to warm up and prepare your body for movements ahead.

Pilates and yoga based moves will strengthen the deep abdominals and postural back muscles. By keeping the core and lower back healthy, we retain the ability to move with ease.

There is a variety of standing, seated and laying postures in this low impact class, encouraged for all fitness levels

A typical class structure

Tai chi
Hip openers and spine mobility exercises
Core activation exercises
Balance exercises
Muscle lengthening exercises


Begins Tuesday 12th September

BROWNS PLAINS: Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:00am

JINDALEE: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00am

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