Beneath the layers...



  1. I have layers
  2. I come in red, white and yellow
  3. I taste AMAZING in food
  4. I may make you cry



Onions are the unsung heroes of the health world.


What you’re really crying when you’re chopping them is tears of joy!


Joy for the amazing health benefits that come with eating onions!


Onions are rich in vitamin C, sulphuric compounds, flavonoids and other phystochemicals. They are also full of quercetin – a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that may help fight chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Quercetin may also help reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of lung cancer.


How else might you benefit from onions?


Check it out below:


  1. Prevent inflammatory processes associated with asthma
  2. Reduce symptoms associated with osteoporosis and improve bone health
  3. Reduced risk of neurodegenerative disorders
  4. Improvement of intestinal flora, improved absorption of calcium and magnesium due to the fructans they contain
  5. Reduce symptoms associated with diabetes
  6. Maintain gastrointestinal health by sustaining beneficial bacteria
  7. Lower your risk of cataract formation
  8. Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  9. Lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  10. Diminish replication of HIV
  11. Antimicrobial properties that may help reduce the rate of food-borne illness
  12. Lower risk of certain cancers


Onions. Not only do they taste good, they’re good for us!

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