Recipe of the week: Complete Choc Smoothie

(2 serves)

I came out to find a list of these ingredients on my bench from my daughter the other morning, waiting for smoothie creation. I had to make to taste for myself. Thanks Em for the great combination!


½ an avocado (or 1 complete if it’s small)

4 dates

1 heaped tbsp. rolled oats

1 heaped tsp. almond meal

3tsp. raw cacao powder

250ml almond/soy milk

Small squeeze of honey

Pinch of himalayan salt

Ice cubes


As with all smoothies, simply place all the ingredients into your blender, and blend until it’s smooth and creamy. Add a little more almond/soy milk if you find it’s too thick.

This one is quite filling and makes a perfect quick breakfast or after yoga meal. Very filling!!


Enjoy ? Shaz – ‘rawfordaze’

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