Recipe of the week: No bake Avocado and Chocolate Cake!This is another amazing recipe from Veet’s Cuisine. Word of advice from Veet, ‘Beware it is very delicious but also very rich so a small piece at a time is recommended.’

Serves 12



1 & ½ cups dates, soaked for an hour

1 & ½ cups dessicated, sugar free coconut

1 cup pecans


½ cup almond meal

3 ripe avocadoes

10 tsp. raw cacao powder

2-5 tbsp. Honey

½ cup macadamia oil

150g melted gluten free dark chocolate (vegan preferably)



To make the base put the pecans in the food processor, grind to a meal, add the dates and a few tbsp. Of the water they were soaking in, process until they form a paste, add the coconut. Spread evenly over a pie dish or spring form flan tin. Next melt the chocolate over a low heat in a bowl set over water. Mix the almond meal, mashed avocados, raw cacao powder, honey and oil together. Mix in the melted chocolate and spread the filling over the base. Set in fridge for an hour or so. Decorate with fruit.


I have made this one many times and just love it. Hope you enjoy it too. Shaz ☺

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