(Uncooked weight – for 2 people)


Black rice – ½ cup

Red & brown rice – ⅔ cup

Baby spinach – 150g or 3 large handfuls

Green beans – 150g (thinly chopped)

Jap pumpkin – 100g or 1 small wedge

4 Free range eggs – (2 per person)


Cayenne pepper, white pepper, Bonfire super greens powder, Bragg liquid aminos


Cook the rice to the packet’s instructions together the night before and place in fridge, stirring after cooked. Cook in a rice cooker or pot. Once rice is left over night, use 200-250g of cooked rice for this recipe.

Skin pumpkin and remove seeds. Brunoise or dice finely.

In a pan, add oil and scramble eggs on a low heat. Cook until curds are beginning to form but still runny and set aside in a bowl. DO NOT SEASON.

Add a bit more oil and sauté the beans and pumpkin until soft. This should only take 3-4 minutes on high heat. Add cayenne and white pepper with a squirt of the Braggs liquid aminos.

Once soft, split your pan in half by shifting the veggies to one side of the pan and add half of the prepared rice into the pan and spread evenly. Add another teaspoon of oil into the pan on the rice side and leave to sit for a couple of minutes before adding in the scrambled eggs and stir until combined evenly. You may need to break the eggs up in the pan. Continue to stir on high heat letting the rice and veggies sit for brief periods at a time so they can crisp at the bottom.

Adjust seasoning accordingly to your preferred taste – i.e. add more cayenne pepper for a spicier flavour and add more bragg aminos as desired. Add rest of the cooked rice to the pan stir before adding the Bonfire Super Greens. Turn down the heat till low and mix in the powder. Add spinach and cover for until partially wilted. (this should take roughly 2 minutes depending on your pan)

Once the spinach has partially wilted, take off the lid and turn the heat to high again and stirring for about 30-45 secs until evenly combined with spinach. Adjust seasoning again and serve.


  1. Always cook the scrambled eggs on LOW first and the food won’t stick if using non-stick pan or wok.
  2. Use overnight rice for this process, if not, the rice will become gummy. Always better to cook the rice with a little less water than too much. You can add more liquid in the cooking process.
  3. For a bigger protein hit, you can add 1 cup of egg whites with the free-range eggs in the recipe and for every person thereafter, ½ c
  4. If you can’t find black rice, or Red & brown rice in the shops, you may find a blended pack with the three already combined. Adjust your quantities accordingly. Do cook the rice the day before though as it makes a huge difference to the finished dish.


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