Wellness and Health: The Bonfire Difference

Did you know that we also offer massage therapy and excellent dental care?

While you may be more familiar with our yoga classes and chiropractic care, we are passionate about providing you with a comprehensive holistic approach that we hope will improve your health and wellness no end.

Massage Therapy from Bonfire Brisbane

A massage can be used to provide relief and to relax chronically contracted muscles and fascia and to give balance to the various muscles group. By promoting healthy circulation, your body will become more resilient and better able to cope with the stresses of modern day life. You will also be less likely to suffer pain or injury.

Our highly trained massage therapists use various techniques to sooth soft tissue concerns and to help with the rehabilitation of sprains, strains and other muscle related injuries. Our remedial massage therapy focuses on finding out what the root cause of your issues are and developing a treatment that will improve your range of motion while decreasing pain and restoring balance to soft tissue.

We also offer Dry Needling, Zenthai Shiatsu and Relaxation Massage which all have their own unique set of benefits. You can find more information on our massage treatments here.

Bonfire Brisbane Dental Care

As part of our dedication to a holistic approach to healthcare, we also provide a full range of dental care. Our bodies are linked in so many wonderful ways and all of our separate parts need to be in complete harmony in order to function as they should. Here at Bonfire Brisbane, we understand better than most the importance of working in unison with health professionals to ensure that you receive the very highest standards of care.

We believe that the meeting of science and nature provides great insight into the importance of diet in the quest for wellness.

To download our dental care guide or to make an appointment to see us, please click here.

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