What to expect in your first HOT yoga class...

The room is warm and the postures will be foreign to you. Your only goal in your first few visits is to stay in the room and attempt each posture to best of your ability. It is not unusual to feel dizzy or overwhelmed, just kneel down on your mat and breathe until you are ready to join in once again.

Your mind will become your greatest challenge; you may have distracting thoughts about the heat, sweat, itchiness, uncomfortable clothing or the postures. However as your practice develops, you will begin to find it easier to let these distractions go.

Many find their first couple of classes to be the most challenging. Often this is because it’s new and unfamiliar. You will find that you will learn the postures quickly and become familiar with what to expect. Come with no expectations – just a light heart, open mind, and a well-hydrated body. Most students feel amazingly detoxified and relaxed after their first class.

However, as with any form of exercise, different conditions and situations require a period of acclimatisation. The benefits of this yoga are immediate, and as it becomes more familiar (within 1-3 classes), you will forget about all the other factors and begin to focus on your yoga practice. Many of us even come to crave it, increasing our practice from once or twice a week to a consistent 3 times a week practice, feeling a void when we don’t practice regularly.

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