Yoga and Pilates: Look Better, Feel Better, Think Better

We are inspiring and empowering communities with our Yoga and Pilates sessions

Both Pilates and Yoga have a wide range of benefits for soul, body and mind. Our dedicated team of instructors are hugely knowledgeable and passionate about helping you to thrive in whichever way we can. From yoga instructors and massage therapists to chiropractors and naturopaths we have all aspects of wellness covered and we do so from a number of locations.

Yoga Guidance from Bonfire Brisbane

The wonderful thing about Yoga is that regardless of whether you are a “fitness fanatic” or someone who prefers to “exercise their mind”, Yoga can make a positive impact in almost any facet of your life. The benefits of Yoga transcend your age your body shape as well as your state of mind. Yoga can permeate through your spirit to put you on a path to whole physical and mental wellness.

This is where we come in. Here at Bonfire Yoga we offer a combination of both heated and non-heated classes which are suited to all levels and goals. Do you feel like you need more energy? Want to improve your flexibility and your fitness levels? Then Hot Yoga could be exactly what you need to add fuel to your fire.

But, if you find that Hot Yoga is a little intense or just not to your liking, we have loads of other classes that you try out including:

  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Pure Meditation

Deciding which Yoga class is right for you is about discovering which of the lessons you feel comfortable with. Come in and we will help to find the one that’s right for you and your quest for a fuller existence. Until then, why not take our Yoga quiz to find out what classes we might recommend for your fitness and experience levels.

What is Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates from Bonfire Yoga is a combination of the fundamental principles of Pilates and high-intensity interval training that we perform in a heated room. This room is set to around 33°C – 35°C and 40% humidity in order to cleanse your body and mind. So, what are the benefits of Hot Pilates? Aside from just feeling generally amazing, Hot Pilates will reinvigorate your body while simultaneously toning and strengthening it so that you feel energised and clear-of-mind.

In any given Hot Pilates class, you can expect to have loads of fun but also to work hard as we guide you through the series of high-intensity exercises designed to strengthen and tone your body. You don’t even have to be of a certain fitness level to participate. However, we do ask that you inform us of any health issues you may have just to be safe. The first rule of Hot Pilates is to get rid of your accessories that means phones, watches, sunnies, belt, hats and jewellery and to wear light gear that won’t weigh you down more than is necessary.

Yoga and Pilates can offer you a completely different perspective on life and provide a connection between body and mind that can be incredibly satisfying.

While we are best known for our transformative Yoga classes and Chiropractic Care, we pair this with a holistic approach that extends to massage therapy as well. Should you need any of our other resources you will find that there is a golden thread through everything that we do. To start on your personal journey to wellness or if you have any questions for us concerning our classes, we would love you to get in touch by clicking here.


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