Your cold & flu ACTION PLAN!

Who’s sick of being sick?


Who’s sick of everyone else being sick?


Who’s feeling like this?














Yep, it’s going around and it’s struck hard. The colds and flus are spreading like wildfire! For you and your family’s benefit, we’ve put together an action plan…but first, a few questions!


1. How do you know if you’ve got a cold, or if you’ve picked up the flu?
Both the common cold and influenza are both upper respiratory infections caused by a virus. If you’ve got a cold, your symptoms are most likely going to be a runny nose, congestion, cough and a sore throat. You may also have a mild fever and feel slightly tired. Flus, on the other hand, will have more severe symptoms such as high fevers, pain through the body, severe exhaustion and are capable of causing lung infections and pneumonia. Yikes!


2. How do you catch a cold or flu?


Viruses are highly contagious and can be caught from close contact with someone who has the virus. Whether it’s hand-to-hand contact, breathing in droplets of air when someone coughs or even sharing utensils and touching door handles

3. Who do you blame when you get sick?


Did you pick it up from the kids? Or was it one of your work colleagues? Perhaps it was that man who sneezed on the bus? We all go to blame someone or some circumstance when we get sick, but honestly, being exposed to a virus does not mean you’re destined to catch it! YOU can prevent it!




If you haven’t had the cold or flu yet, read this!

If your immune system is strong and operating at its peak, you should be able to fend off the virus without getting sick at all. Therefore, the reason you catch a cold or flu is that your immune system is impaired. Safe to say that if you haven’t caught a virus yet, your immune system is pretty strong. BUT, you can never be too sure! So, here’s how to keep your immunity up to avoid the viruses:

  1. Avoid sugars and grains
  2. Ensure your getting your daily dose of sunshine to avoid Vitamin D deficiency
  3. Make sure your getting plenty of good quality sleep
  4. Exercising regular is a great way to keep your immunity up


If you’re currently sick and want some quick remedies, read this!

We’re sorry you’re sick! Here are some remedies to get you on the path to a speedy recovery:

  1. Get some sunshine
  2. Drink Herbal Teas such as ginger or elderberry, these help with sore throats
  3. Honey helps relieve a sore throat
  4. Steam can moisturise your nasal passage and will help with the pressure from your sinuses
  5. Chicken noodle soup – the best soup for sickness! If the soup is made with actual chicken bones in the broth, it’ll be even more effective!
  6. Eat fresh, organic produce
  7. Eat garlic – it’ll kill bacteria, viruses and fungi
  8. Drink plenty of good quality water!
  9. Eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut, which are rich in good bacteria
  10. Ensure you’re eating your good fats and oils such as coconut oil and krill oil
If you’ve gotten rid of your sickness and want to know how to keep it away, read this!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the sickness! To avoid getting another dose, read the above section for those who haven’t been sick yet. It’s time to rebuild your immunity. Another tip is to ensure you’re washing your hands properly – with plain soap and water. Remember, your skin (not the soap) is your primary defence against bacteria. Don’t wash them too much as this can actually extract the skin’s protective oils.

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