Your relationship with yoga


Something we pride ourselves on here at Bonfire is the variety of classes we offer, and the incredible Hot Yoga series – all performed in rooms that are clean, bright, welcoming and not smelly!!!

We hear in nearly every class the benefits that yoga can have on our mind, body and spirit. But has it sunk in? Sometimes you need to hear, read or see it quite a few times before it actually sinks in.
So here are the TOP benefits of yoga, some of these benefits you will experience yourself if you maintain a regular practise:
1. Lowers anxiety and controls stress
2. Improves sleep quality
3. Improves flexibility and range of motion
4. Helps improve balance and prevent falls
5. Reduces fatigue and “brain fog”
6. Might help reduce pain and improve quality of life
7. Can help boost weight loss (especially in the Hot Yoga) and build muscle
8. Increased Immunity
9. Detoxification through helping rid the body of toxins and heavy metals
10. Builds confidence and builds better body acceptance
DID YOU KNOW there are currently large, government funded studies investigating the benefits of yoga for diabetes risk, HIV, arthritis, menopausal symptoms, multiple sclerosis, PTSD and addictions! If every person on this earth practised yoga every day, I think it would be a rather different place!
Yoga is powerful.
The lessons you learn in the room can be applied to the world outside the yoga room.
This week, try something new! Come to a different Bonfire class, or a different Bonfire studio or a different teacher! You will learn something new every time.

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